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Jean Hopper

Jean Hopper

Candidate For Carmel Town Board

Jean Hopper is a Democrat running for Carmel Town Board. As a resident, Jean Hopper has focused on our community for 27 years. The mother of two Mahopac H.S. grads she has been a dedicated volunteer in the PTO, Girl and Boy Scouts, Friends of Drama, and Marching Band. In addition to her earlier experience in retail management, Jean currently works with children in our area school districts.

Jean has spent the past 3 years keeping a shrewd eye on the Town Board’s decisions, and raising questions about mismanagement of our tax money, lack of oversight over town agencies, and failure to plan for our long-term infrastructure needs.

Now Jean is committed to take her service to our community to a higher level as a candidate for Carmel Town Board – to bring her local experience and passion to solving the problems that concern us all.

Jean Hopper has the fresh ideas and tough spirit to lead our town responsibly, and is focusing on the issues ALL Carmel residents care about – our wallets, our opportunities to shop and play locally, and our health – all while checking the reckless spending and irresponsible management that have plagued this one-party Board for the last 2 decades.

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Rebecca Swan

Rebecca Swan

Candidate For Putnam County Legislature

Rebecca has spent her entire life championing for people. Rebecca put her life on hold during college in order to help desegregate Providence, RI; empowering thousands of individuals in struggling communities. After returning to school and obtaining a master’s degree from Columbia University, she worked as a professional social worker serving individuals with substance abuse issues and their families. Rebecca’s dedication to her community has only grown over time.

Rebecca is running for County Legislature to make sure the County is working for all of its residents; those who grew up here, those who chose to make it their home, those with political power, and those without it. After a lifetime of improving communities and helping their residents, Rebecca is ready to invest her time into the people of Putnam. She will work hard to ensure everyone gets the services they need and deserve across the County.

“I put my time and passion in what I believe in, and I believe in people.”

When elected, she will put this energy to work for you.

Rebecca is running because Putnam deserves better – better planning, better decision making, better consideration, better representation.

You deserve better…

Better access to healthcare with clear points of access.

Better access to the outdoor recreation opportunities Putnam County has to offer.

Better public transportation and easily accessible route information.

Better hiring practices for County professionals.

Better oversight over the County budget to prevent more wasteful spending and tax increases.

Putnam deserves better. You deserve better.

Vote for Rebecca Swan for Legislative District 5 on November 5, 2019.

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Hon. Camille Linson

Hon. Camille Linson

Candidate For Putnam County Justice

Justice Linson has been active in the drug court and treatment community since taking the bench in Philipstown. She is passionate about rehabilitative justice, holding people accountable for their actions while giving them an opportunity to redeem themselves and decreasing the likelihood of reoffending: benefitting both the community and the offender.

Above and beyond normal judicial responsibilities, Justice Linson: developed and implemented resource court practices in the Town Justice Court; initiated and hosted a town-wide summit of court, law enforcement, health care, and education professionals to discuss local opioid crisis cooperation and increase information sharing; and initiated a multi-town summit to discuss DWI processing practices within Town Justice Courts. Justice Linson has participated in the New York Association of Drug Treatment Court Professionals conference, and established relationships with area drug courts in our region.

She has also given back to the community, by: serving as judge for a local high school mock court trial; hosting local fourth grade for court tour and lesson; serving as guest speaker in Haldane High School’s Pathways to Success program, educating about careers in the judiciary. Additionally, Justice Linson has provided cost-free legal services to numerous families in need, in connection with family law, home foreclosure, and juvenile misdemeanor criminal matters.

Justice Linson received her undergraduate degree with honors from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, and conducted her legal studies at Universitaet Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, Vanderbilt University School of Law, Nashville, TN USA, Humboldt Universitaet Zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany, and Oxford University, Oxford, England.

Justice Linson’s core campaign team is comprised of people with Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Conservative party affiliations. She is grateful for this broad-based support, and determined to ensure that her court will reflect this same inclusiveness and guarantee equal, fair treatment for all.

Justice for all.


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Hon. Gina Capone

Hon. Gina Capone

Candidate for Supreme Court 9th Judicial District

For the past 18 years, Judge Capone has served as a Putnam Valley Town Justice, presiding over thousands of cases.

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