Carmel Democratic Committee Endorses 2021 Candidates

The Carmel Democratic Committee is pleased to make the following endorsements for the 2021 county and town elections.


Sheriff Langley has delivered four years of experienced, competent leadership, governing with integrity, proactively addressing problems and working to make Putnam County among the safest in the nation. He has worked every day to strengthen relationships with local police agencies, and civic organizations, and the community. His success is indisputable, and we all can sleep better at night because of his leadership.

  • Under Sheriff Langley’s leadership, crime and addiction have been significantly reduced in Putnam County. He has built relationships with Narcotics Anonymous, Cove Care, the Department of Social Services and Arms Acres to name a few to get addicts the help they need to transition back to the community as productive citizens.
  • Repeatedly, Langley has shown skill in de-escalating potentially violent situations and has shown compassion in cases involving the mentally ill.
  • Langley is fiscally responsible, and has renegotiated long-neglected contracts to increase the board in rate for federal inmates by more than 60%.
  • CARMEL DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE “Sheriff Langley has simply done the good and hard work of being a leader, fighting back partisan attacks, and doing the most good for the most people. He is the kind of leader Putnam County deserves.”


Jim Hyer is an experienced jurist, active in improving our community and improving the legal profession. In addition to serving his clients with compassion and integrity, he has led the way for our state to better protect the rights of all New Yorkers. He will be an advocate for Putnam County, ensuring our community has access to the best of our legal system, including important resources to help those with mental health and addiction challenges.

  • JIM HYER “People need to trust our legal system, to know that it works for them and their families. I will work tirelessly to administer justice fairly across New York.”
  • CARMEL DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE “Anyone who has ever worked with Jim Hyer knows his commitment to justice for all, to making sure our systems work for everyone. The 9th Judicial District would be well served by someone of Jim’s temperament and character.”


Scott Reing is a fierce advocate for a county government that serves the people, not the personal interests of the elected officials. He has dedicated himself to public service.

  • SCOTT REING “Residents of Putnam County deserve better than self-dealing, rubber stamp representatives. We deserve lawmakers who will not put themselves and their own salaries above our first responders. We must invest in our community, not in our friends’ bank accounts.”
  • CARMEL DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE “We have seen Scott’s leadership in action and we are better for it. He is focused on getting results, creative in his approach, and unrelenting in his pursuit of a better democracy.”


Carmel Democrats are thrilled to have two candidates for Town Board that represent two different parts of our community – one is a scientist and business owner in Mahopac, and one is a college student who grew up in Carmel. Both candidates have new ideas and a vision for the town of Carmel.


April Daly, Ph.D. is a scientist and small business owner with 18 years providing international laboratory information technology consulting services. As a volunteer with the Mahopac Chamber of Commerce she participated on the Shop Putnam Expo committee, developed, and championed a free programming club for kids called Mahopac-Carmel Coder Dojo. April is running to help lead Carmel to a more prosperous future of economic growth and community development, concerned that the current board has not adequately represented the people’s interests. She is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, accountability & transparency, and balanced growth.

  • APRIL DALY: “Carmel is a diamond in the rough and we have a great future ahead of us. I am looking forward to providing fresh 21st century thinking and leadership to foster a prosperous community for all our residents.”
  • CARMEL DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE: “April Daly will bring exceptional problem solving skills to the Town Board. She is a scientist who conducts data analysis for clients large and small. Her critical thinking will lead to better informed planning and fiscal decision-making in Carmel.”


James is a college student studying environmental engineering, a Carmel HS graduate who is looking for a bigger role in building the future of our town. He is involved with the Gilead Food Pantry, recently served on the County Police Reform Panel, and continues to find ways to help people be better stewards of our natural resources. He is running for Town Board to advance an honest dialogue about whether we are advancing our own best interests on climate, taxes, and public health. Carmody will focus on making Carmel a truly Climate Smart town, expanding the use of renewable energy, protecting waterways, and improving wastewater treatment. He will engage fellow young people on their needs, improving public spaces for all our families to use, and improve awareness and services for mental health, substance abuse and homelessness.

  • JAMES CARMODY “I’ve lived in Carmel for 17 years, and it would please us all to know that the Town Board cares about being Climate Smart, about creating new Community Spaces, and about caring for our fellow residents under a responsible budget.”
  • CARMEL DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE “James would bring a new, youthful, longer term perspective to our town governance, giving a voice to those not being heard today.”

Democrats are carrying petitions for these candidates through March 21. For more information, go to